Shop and home safes give you peace of mind - Don't leave the security of your valuables to chance!

When you have something valuable to protect, you want to know you have the best product for the job. A quality safe is an investment that will give you peace of mind, and the knowledge that the things you value most are protected, day and night.

Christchurch Lock & Key Ltd stock, and service, top quality safes from leading names in the business. Our services have been trusted by banks, casinos, and many top retail outlets right across Canterbury. With a wide range of safes for both commercial and domestic installations in stock, Christchurch Lock & Key can have you set up in no time at all.
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Christchurch Lock & Key can provide:
  • Document protection
  • Commercial safes for shops and businesses
  • A range of home safes for your personal valuables
  • Gun and firearm safes
  • Fire rated safes
  • Specific cash/value rated safes
  • In-house or on-site servicing or repair
  • Decades of knowledge, and expert advice
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What price do you put on your valuables?

Not all safes are created equal and it pays to talk to the experts before deciding on the model that best suits your individual requirements. The friendly team at Christchurch Lock & Key have been supplying and installing safes in Christchurch since 1956, so we really know our stuff.

We can give expert advice on a specific safe for your needs, whether your require a cash or value rating safe to satisfy your insurance company, a firearms safe as security for your family, or a small home safe in Christchurch to ensure the privacy of sensitive documents, Christchurch Lock & Key can supply and install your safe quickly and easily.
Contact our friendly team, or visit our showroom in Papanui to see our full safe range. We have plenty of parking and over 55 years of knowledge to share. And while you're at it, why not talk to us about our commercial lock systems and residential lock services.
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Safe sales, service, and advice in Christchurch

Christchurch Lock & Key are more than just a provider of quality safes. Our services extend well beyond the point of sale. As full members of the Master Locksmith Association of Australasia, our friendly team can provide top quality after sales service.
Our workshop is located in Papanui and can cater to all of your safe maintenance and servicing needs. Christchurch Lock & Key  even offer an on-site maintenance service from our mobile locksmith vans.
Contact us today to discover how we can help with your safe servicing needs in Christchurch.
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