Replacements, repairs and spares of all Automotive car keys, remotes, keyless keys and proximity key fobs

Gone are the days of the plain mechanical car keys, Now most modern cars from 1997 onward are fitted with immobilzers, transponders, and electronic keys. These keys can be quite expensive to replace, especially if you no-longer have a working one or even just need a spare.

There are many keys out there priced at over $1000 from the dealerships, that we can replicate or provide an emergency spare for under $300. We can also provide full OEM original manufacturers keys and parts, at usually a lot less than the pricing provided from the dealers.

We can “Reshell” or replace the “casing” on your original keys, and recut the keys if necessary, this service starts at $35 including the parts. Most of our Toyota shells and Honda shells are now “Heavy Duty” and come with a 5 year warranty!

Automotive key pricing

We can make a spare key for most Japanese transponder or remote cars for under $250, and most European vehicles for around similar. Pricing is dependent on what security system the car uses, how worn your old key is and what features you would like the key to have, whether it is just for emergency use as a spare, or to be used every day. This pricing is not exact, but a fair guide.

If you have a key, but it is damaged in some form, whether it be a broken casing, unable to hang it on a keyring or its no longer working due to circuit board or button damage, there is a good chance we can fix it at half the price of a new one. Best to pop into our shop in Papanui, and we can check it and price a repair for you.

  • we can do most car key replacements and repairwork, while you wait in our workshop
  • we have a zippy loan car if you need to use it while we are working on your key or vehicle
  • we can come out onsite to do car key programming for some vehicles.
  • ANY price given to you over the phone or in our store will include, GST, programming, and labour. Be careful when getting prices from elsewhere as these charges are usually not be included.

Lost car keys

If the worst happens, and you do not have a spare key or a current working key, there is a good chance that we can make a new key from scratch for your car. Before committing to any dealer or someone towing your car into their workshop, give us a call and we can let you know what will be the most efficient, cost effective and ideal solution for your situation.

Automotive lock repairs

We can do all your vehicle lock repairs in our workshop or on site, The most common repairs we do are Honda ignition and door locks that are hard to use or become jammed, Toyota ignition and door locks, Nissan and Subaru locks that have been forcefully damaged or vandalised.

We have a large range of second hand parts and new parts, and supply a lot of other business' around Christchurch with replacement automotive lock parts from our extensive stock.

Part of out stock range specialises in no-longer available classic car parts.

Car remote key batteries

We can replace the batteries in ANY automotive key, even if it is a rechargeable key, or a battery that somebody else has said “Cannot be replaced”. Some batteries in some keys charge while you are driving and are physically attached to the circuit boards in your remotes and keys. We can often source replacement batteries and open your “unopenable” key to replace these. The common styles of these rechargeable keys are seen on Land Rover, Range Rover, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Mini and many more.

Unsure of what we are talking about?

Some of the terms used by locksmiths and other repairers are not commonly known to most people.
The common terms we use everyday maybe new to you. These include:

  • Transponder key – an immobilzer system used in a lot of cars, which dates back to as early as 1995.
  • Aftermarket immobilizer / Alarm – any remote immobilzer, that was fitted after the car was manufactured. Usually fitted by an Auto Electrician to provide extra security, an alarm, or central locking with a remote.
  • Remote key – any key where you press the buttons to unlock your doors or boot / trunk.
  • Proximity key – a key that you do not have to put in the ignition to start the car.
  • Keyless car – this covers any car you can unlock and drive without inserting a blade into a lock.

Unsure if your vehicle has an immobilizer/transponder?

If you want to know if your car has an immobilzer, and are not sure, there are a few simple ways to test it. Here are a few ways to easily identify if a vehicle has an immobilzer:

  • If your key is all steel or metal, with no plastic, then 100% it does not have a transponder.
  • If you look on the drivers window in the bottom left corner, It may state that the car is fitted with an immobilizer or alarm. This is usually fairly accurate if it does have a sticker. If it does not, its unreliable.
  • Jump in your car and turn the ignition on. If there are any pictures on your dash that pop up showing a key, a car with a key in it, a padlock or a security light (all lights usually red) this would indicate the car is fitted with an immobilizer.
  • Try wrapping your key in tin foil. And try starting your car, if the car starts, it probably does not have an immobilizer, IF it does still start, there is little chance its fitted with an immobilzer in the key. ONLY TRY THIS ONCE. And as a last resort to identify if you car has a transponder.

Locked out of your car?

Your best contact for an emergency is 0800 539 539.

We can unlock your car usually by picking the lock, which means no damage to your doors, paintwork or windows. Our mobile vans are fully equipped for a fast response and we have mobile eftpos in the vans. We will have you back in your car and off to what you were doing in no time. This service covers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Using the latest scanning and programming technology, we can offer you replacements for lost keys, spare keys or, in the event of a lockout, mobile locksmith personnel that will have you back on the road quickly and without breaking the bank.

Christchurch Lock & Key (previously trading as Christchurch Security Centre) are an insurance approved locksmith, recognised by all major insurance companies, and offer a range of affordable and efficient services, including:

We use leading edge scanning and programming technologies which enable us to provide you with on-site or in workshop replacements for most leading brand keys, remote key heads, and vehicle remote control units.

Below is a list of some of the vehicle (including motorbike) brands that Christchurch Lock & Key provide for:
  • Alfa Romeo keys
  • Aprilia keys
  • Audi keys
  • BMW keys
  • Chevrolet keys
  • Chrysler keys
  • Citroen keys
  • Daewoo keys
  • Dodge keys
  • Ducati keys
  • Ferrari keys
  • Fiat keys
  • Ford keys
  • GM keys
  • Holden keys
  • Honda keys
  • Hyundai keys
  • Isuzu keys
  • Jeep keys
  • Kia keys
  • Lancia keys
  • Landrover keys
  • Lexus keys
  • Mazda keys
  • Mercedes keys
  • Mitsubishi keys
  • Nissan keys
  • Opel keys
  • Peugeot keys
  • Porsche keys
  • Renault keys
  • Rover keys
  • Skoda keys
  • Ssangyong keys
  • Subaru keys
  • Suzuki keys
  • Toyota keys
  • Triumph keys
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo keys
  • VW keys
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